Skylights are the structures which are used in the construction of the roof. These are transparent in such a way that these allow the natural light to come in. The use of skylights in the construction of the building roofs are not new but the ancient Romanians used these in the construction of the famous historical building the Pantheon. Now a days, many companies are manufacturing the skylights and one of these are the velux skylights. The velux company is working for over 75 years and this company’s products are shipped and used all across the world. More than 40 countries are using the velux products in their construction projects.

The velux skylights are special and so much popular because they do not only make the one kind of skylights but these offer a wide range of skylights which could be used in any kind of structure. There are mainly two categories of velux skylights from Sydney. One is the flat roof skylight and the other is the pitch roof skylight. Each one of these then have multiple products all of which vary from one another in features and qualities.

The first velux skylight which belongs to the category of the pitch roof skylight is the solar skylight. As the name represent, this skylight has a solar panel installed in it which not only works as the mean of providing the day light but also captures the day light energy and coverts these to the electricity. These kinds of solar skylights are very much famous because these provide dual functionality. The second kind of skylight is the velux electric skylight, this skylight is openable and it helps the air and sunlight enter the building. Not only this but it has sensors attached to it which help in identifying the rain and the remote control also lets the user to control the skylights easily and remotely. Then there comes the manual skylight, these skylights are similar to the electrical skylight but without remote control and sensors and the person has to manually open and close these. Then there comes the fixed skylight. These skylights are fixed in their position and these cannot be open to fresh air. However, these let the daylight enter the building and keep the mosquitos and other kind of insects out. All the above-mentioned skylights are also available for the flat roof, the only difference is that these are designed in such a way that the lights are flat and are suitable for the flat roof.