Kico has successfully participated in the Australian stadium testing industry and we are considered pioneers in this field. Aside from the fact that we are located in Sydney, we offer our specialist the benefits of stadium research from one side of the country to the other. Our clients include neighborhood committees, government-funded and academic schools, child care centers, business clients, dormitories, clubs and official telephony, providing key audiences, throughout Australia. Kico is a NATA authorized to test, update and verify both computer systems and gaming consoles. We are also accredited by RPII and UTS Sydney as Level 3 exhibitors and moreover in accordance with ISO / IEC 17020. Kico IS the ONLY Australian organization that has obtained a certificate from NATA to provide theater equipment and test both devices and above. Kico similarly speaks to NATA as part of a board on the CS 005 stadium panel recorded as a copy and current refreshing Australian guide, used in our industry by Standards Australia. We invest wholeheartedly in the care of our clients and continue to explore the best ways to ensure the security of our future. Our youth, We play a wide range of updates, including descent tests and location tests. Playground safety is our impartiality and our greatest effort to provide safe and acceptable playgrounds for children. For more data, if not a major problem, visit our survey data page or reach us now and talk to one of our friendly and experienced staff. If it is not a big problem, follow the ling to late articles about the well-being of the playground below. How protected the playground is

  • Australia’s comprehensive professional management system that includes:
  • Authorization for the Inspection and Evaluation of Playground Equipment
  • Program CD Database Database Manager for Playground Play and Safe
  • Playground Testing, NATA Certification Testing and Reports
  • Playground security Equipment trail and Certificate NATA certified
  • Resource Management Resources
  • Main Services of the Witnesses
  • Bed Inspection and Certificate
  • Trampoline Effect Test and Certificate
  • Approving Corrective Plans
  • Guidance for assembly Staff to Conduct Regular Assessments and Reports
  • Playground Equipment extra chunk
  • Playground Service Equipment preservation and service
  • Certified and Approved by NATA as Level 3 Examiner
  • 30 years insight into and skill in the North

The playground and outdoor playgrounds provide children with a natural atmosphere, friends, tomfoolery, and exercise. However, it is important to make sure that defective materials, improper location, and harmful behavior do not kill the good times. Each year, more than 200,000 children are treated with play-related ER clinics. A large amount of this malpractice can be prevented by careful management. You can make the playground attractive and suitable for your children by looking at the potential dangers and adhering to certain basic rules of good health.