Maybe you are the proud owner of a food truck that gets generally good business at given hours of the day. Maybe you sell handicrafts at carnivals and have product stalls at events and they have generally good sales. Maybe you are looking for ways how to market yourself better – yes, you have tried the social media and the word of mouth strategies, but if it isn’t enough, is there anything else you can do? The answer is a resounding yes. The solutions may not be as complicated or difficult as you may think. Read on below to find out.

Make Sure You Are Seen

The formula is simple: make your place as eye-catching as possible, and the eyes will catch sight of it. This can be done relatively inexpensively. If you want, you can invest in neon lighting that you can get done cost effectively from any creation company that you can find. These are not only extremely pretty but are also indicative of uniqueness, vintage and savvy. The attitude that these portray is psychologically associated by people to brands – having one or two of these up will definitely up the class factor and boost sales.

You can also find many people out there that can make school signs Sydney – these are good for day time business – they’re durable, cost effective and can be designed to your heart’s content. They can also be carried about to wherever the venue is – this way, they’re part of your branding and save you a ton of money on decorations. The look of the place is important to garner fresh eyes and make sure experienced eyes pass the information along. Therefore, it is never a waste of money.


You can always develop your sales by partnering with similar vendors and businesses. Especially if your target audience is the general public, being advertised alongside another business can never hurt. Price competitiveness is quite another thing, but at least this way, the exposure that you are likely to get will double. Also, make sure you partner up with someone who has a good name for themselves. If the product or service that they offer is complimentary to what you sell, the better it is for both businesses.


It is important to choose the right events. In your case, more attention should be paid to Expos or similar ventures where potential free-thinking investors are looking for a new project to fund. You never know what kind of luck you might hit at one of these events. Even if these investors don’t invest in you, the exposure you get from big events of this sort of calibre is unparalleled. As long as you keep your focus and don’t give up hope, there is all the potential in the world for your business to reach new heights.