If you’re hoping to introduce another fence for your property, you’ve without a doubt run over galvanised steel posts. They are not difficult to introduce, last longer than customary lumber, and relying upon the item, can be incredibly maintainable. Regardless of whether you are thinking about replacement steel house stumps for your task or only inquisitive to discover more, we have assembled a rundown of all that you want to know.

However, before we make a plunge, how about we cover the details of galvanised steel posts.

What are galvanised steel posts?

replacement steel house stumps and galvanised steel posts are gotten into the ground to help fence boards, expand nearby fencing and additionally various kinds of wire. They are normally used to supplant customary cement and lumber fence posts for a tougher, longer enduring, and tastefully satisfying wall. Lately, galvanised steel posts have become amazingly well known, with numerous landowners perceiving the advantages that replacement steel house stumps and galvanised steel presents bring thought about on customary wood and substantial choices. So, galvanised steel posts are the eventual fate of fencing.

With the presentation far removed, how about we investigate galvanised steel posts in additional detail.

How long do galvanised steel posts last?

The life span of a fence is significant. No one needs to supplant their fence at regular intervals. It should be tough, endure climate conditions and look extraordinary right from the establishment to the end of life.

With regards to galvanised steel posts, assuming they are produced using galvanised steel and wrapped up with a powdered coat, they can keep going up to 50 years under the right conditions. In correlation, substantial will endure anyplace as long as 20 years and wood as a rule between 10-15 years.

Palmer Steel, galvanised steel presents a framework that is ensured to last as long as 25 years. In contrast to concrete, it is insusceptible from decaying, parting, breaking, and chipping, and can even endure winds of up to 110mph. Assuming that you’re searching for a steel fence post framework and replacement steel house stumps ensured to endure, Palmer Steel is the most ideal decision for you.

What amount do galvanise steel posts cost?

When looking at the expense of galvanised steel posts with cement and wood, the underlying costs are practically the same. As an unpleasant aide, one meter of framed fence for both the item and establishment will cost the accompanying:

  • Palmer Steel’s galvanised steel posts – £70.99
  • Palmer Steel’s galvanised steel posts (+ powder coat) – £80.53


Not exclusively is the underlying expense of introducing galvanised steel posts cutthroat, yet they are by a wide margin the savviest arrangement over the long haul. Because of the strength and sturdiness of replacement steel house stumps, Palmer Steel will go on quite a bit longer than wood.

Are galvanised steel posts sustainable?

With a developing worry for the soundness of our current circumstance, the manageability of an item has a gigantic impact on many purchasing choices. Because of this worry, landowners have perceived the adverse consequence substantial fence posts have on our planet and have been looking for an eco-accommodating choice on the lookout. That is the place where galvanised steel posts come in.

An undeniably more supportable choice than concrete is replacement steel house stumps. Steel is interminably recyclable, which means once the materials have been utilized, they will stay available for use given that they are reused appropriately.