Have we learned something or have we got knowledge from it? How can this be determined if there is no check and evaluation. Educational assessment makes it possible for us to know our ability, skill and knowledge that we have gained. If educational assessment is made in a proper manner with appropriate tools and techniques then it gives a clear picture about your learnings and abilities. It enables the other person to know about your skills and attitudes as well as you learning so that a better and more comprehensive method may be adopted for your better knowledge seeking and gains. Basically, educational assessment act as the eyes of the educational system. If the assessment is carried out properly it will guide you about the students and their learning abilities and difficulties. It will help teachers in understanding their students better and help them in making changes in teaching methodologies as well as instructions that will further enhance the learning abilities of the students.

The task of the teachers is very difficult as they are the one who are responsible for the knowledge and learning of students and educational assessment is the only way through which they can have an insight on the students’ learning graphs. If the educational assessment is not carried out then a teacher can never understand what is the right point where changes need to be made, is it the curriculum, is it the teaching methodology, is it the language barries or is it the shyness of the student.  For good educational assessment in ballart it is also important that the right tools and techniques should be taken into consideration. Testing and educational assessment should not be confused. Tests are taken just to know about the level of learnt knowledge where the educational assessment educational assessment and evaluation is a deeper dig into the methodology, difficulty of the curriculum and other factors that may enhance of affect the learning abilities of the students.

There are many ways through educational assessment can be conducted and the tools and techniques vary with the levels and abilities of the people. Furthermore, it gives an insight about the learning abilities of the students and teachers are at a better position to design and create curriculum for their better learning. The results that the teachers and the assessors get from educational assessment in melbourne are very important. Not only the results but equally important is the action that is taken after getting the results.

Formulating policies, changes in the teaching methodologies and in the curriculum are equally important and mandatory. If these requires actions are not taken than the whole point of conducting the educational assessment is lost. The basic aim is the improvement and facilitation of the children in improving their learning abilities. If the learning abilities are improved and polished then learning is not at all a challenging task for the children. Improved learning abilities can only be attained if the teachers are aware of the problems which is only possible through proper and technical educational assessment.